Trust the algorithm

Algorithmic Tokens are leading the way in innovations
The digital tokens are the frontiers of innovation. We have developed one of the state of the art algorithms that can peg the price of $ARDO Token. In order to understand its concepts you need to follow up the past tried concepts.
As the industry has developed, stablecoins have taken two forms: The biggest, like tether (USDT) and USD coin (USDC), say they're backed by enough assets that will guarantee that each token is worth at least $1. But a new breed of "algorithmic stablecoins" like UST exist as "protocols" – basically lines of programming on a blockchain that supposedly will assure the token stays pegged at $1. (The stablecoin is officially known as terraUSD but also goes by UST, its trading symbol.)
While Bonds are used as collateral and utility and fee generation with Olympus DAO which revolutionized and its forks and many early versions of algorithmic stablecoins have crashed.
In Arcadio, besides the double rebasing we have introduced a new GameFi platform which acts are revenue generating model which serves as reserving strategy for $ARDO