Hmm, there are similar tokens right? no they are not. This is an unique revenue based model.
Jpeg NFTs are used for flipping and speculations. Most of the time, you might end up investing on various gaming assets where there is no utility. Utility? they say they want to grow community, and then think about it, plenty of examples which we do not want to pinpoint.
Arcadio changes the the utility of NFT gaming platform.
Our ecosystem is developed based on real life Arcade system. Arcade NFTs are Machine replicas. Owning an NFT and holding is like owning an Arcade Machine that prints money! Likewise, holders earn rental fee forever from leasing it for game play or they can sell NFT machines to potential buyers. Owning multiple NFT machines would increase probability of using their machines and in turn rental yield would go up.
Users can buy as many NFT machines as they like, no per person limit on the NFT buy.

NFT Games should be fun

Even if you invest in NFT games, the fun and enjoyable part of Gaming is missing in most of the games. Often times there is risk of losing your investment via games that you bought those NFT utilities.
We offer a unique business case for revenue generation as well as utility along with fun and enjoyable games that harness the power of blockchain.


  • Most NFTs are speculative there is no revenue generation on their ecosystem
  • Why do you need to invest so much by purchasing NFTs to play games?
  • What is the benefit of holding NFTs? Just for flipping? We provide rental fees for using your Arcade Machines in our ecosystem.
  • Stake and Earn $ARDO as like in most DeFi platforms.