GameFi Advantages

NFT value is created by the community. Many NFT releases could not generate any revenue and inflate their token rewards. We are very much focused to avoid those pitfalls.

Play 2 Earn - without investing on NFT

No need to hold any NFTs to play 100s of games and earn $ARDO by playing those games. Lots of Jackpot prizes for winning Leaderboards


Earn Higher Yield for staking $ARDO
Earn 50% of Fee as Rental for Leasing your NFT Arcade Machines

Real Utility

Get unique Plushy Toys delivered, latest smart phones by winning from our Claw Crane Machines. Win Jacpot prizes too.


Own Arcade Machines as NFTs. There are 100s of games in our Network. To get started, just connect the wallet and play. No token or NFT required for Trail Play

Free the Plushy, make it yours

Plenty of Claw Crane Machines are placed in our Arcadio Network Lounge. Every Plushy Toy is unique and play the game and earn the Plushy. You will be able to get delivered to your desired place. Gift real plushy toys to friends and families. By owning NFT Claw Crane Machines, you are free to play certain number of times to get the plushy you want.