What is Arcadio?

Arcadio is the only protocol combines High Yield DeFi and GameFi and provides users utility for token as well as NFTs to earn while renting out their NFTs
Arcadio Network is an integrated NFT Gaming platform of traditional Arcade games powered by decentralized blockchain network.
The Only Gamefi platform with real product deliveries and get rental for leasing NFTs as utility
As a fusion of DeFi and GameFI, we want Arcadio network to be an ecosystem to fully take advantage of the unique strengths of decentralized finance along with real life Arcade Gaming experiences.
Our tokenomics is designed in such a way to allow equal opportunities for all players with an added advantage for NFT holders.
Arcadio Network is a Gamefi platform that transforms you to exciting world of Arcade Lounges. You can own an arcade machine on blockchain and earn rent every time the machine is used.